Sao Mai Software

On this page, there are links to software developed by Sao Mai. We are a non-profit organization and need your support to make it more sustainable. 100% incomes from our charged products/services are invested back to the improvement/development of related products/services and in more than that, contributed back to Sao Mai free support activities for the blind in Vietnam. Please read our letter of appeal to know ways you can help us.


Sao Mai Braille (SMB)

Another powerful tool for Braille transcribers to quickly format and translate popular document types for their Braille production! SMB utilizes a well-known LibLouis library for the translation and has its own built-in formatter with styles to handle Braille formats.


Sao Mai Typing Tutor (SMTT)

An inclusive environment for not only blind computer beginners but also for the sighted to learn and improve their typing skills. Lessons are easy to customize or add new with its own lesson builder tool; and computer instructors can easily keep track of their trainees’ learning/practicing activities via the user manager.


Sao Mai VNVoice

The first Vietnamese SAPI-5 speech engine for Windows built with two female voices, Minh Du and Mai Dung and has been used by visually impaired users in Vietnam for years.


Jaws scripts for Reading Vietnamese


Jaws scripts to switch between Sao Mai VN Voice and the Eloquence speech.


Other Sao Mai Soft (no more development)

Since our establishment in 2001, we developed some other applications designed intentionally for blind users in Vietnam. They are all free. Most of them are and standalone talking applications such as DictTalk (a dictionary based on Dict standard), CalTalk (quite similar to calculator devices which are accepted to use at schools in Vietnam), EditTalk (word processor), NetTalk (a web browser) and WinTalk (a basic screen reading software).

Due to different reasons in the past like with limited finance support, we could not continue further development and they are mostly out of date with today technologies. However, we are quite happy for such products as they were somehow among the helpful tools for the blind for few years in the past.